warning: not-so-great-day ahead

currently wearing:
b&w striped blouson tube top
skinny flares
flat gold sandals
white chanel watch
kimberly faith sparrows necklace
brown slouchy bag
b&w flowers paint the lily weekender
huge tortoise shell oval sunglasses
i can already tell that today is going to be a tough day...

since i've woken up, i've already

- lost my walking skills due to over-stretching and over-exercising yesterday... extreeeme soreness
- nearly stumbled into the tub because of lost skills
- given myself a terrible headache from drinking too much last night
- nearly plucked my eyebrows into oblivion

i need some tylenol... how the hell am i going to get through the day? at least its beautifully sunny out

made my daily dunkin donuts stop and got a smoothie instead of coffee because i felt deprived of anything substantial. and let me tell you. i ordered a mango passion fruit smoothie. dont get the smoothies there. they are made of lard. basically, liquified lard. pureed donut lard. yuck.

completely conked out on the train today... the only cool part of not feelin' so good? i get to wear my not-feelin'-so-good sunglasses. in other words, they're huge, they're dark, they take up half my face and make my nose look tiny in comparison.

when i got to work, i realized i had a piece of melted chocolate stuck on the side of the frame.

no wonder everyone kept staring. (and i thought it was cause i'm smokin' hot. i guess not.)

oooo this dress from urban outfitters [urbanoutfitters.com] is so strangely sexy

i bought a $4 chocolate candy bar today:

yeap! chocolate that is supposed to be good for you and make you beautiful. no kidding.

there are three kinds of those, the one above, the one i got: instant bliss beauty bar, and one for healthy bones.
the instant bliss beauty bar is supposed to contain antioxidants for beautiful skin. and i think it has a slight hint of blueberry in it. anyhoo, its pretty damn good for a crazy-idea-chocolate. i was expecting something more like those chocolate fitness bar things which taste like chocolate dust. yuck. if this beauty bar wasn't $4, i mightve cut hersheys out of my life altogether.


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