ebay listing!

i don't update here anymore, but noticed that some still check in. to those: hello!
i've put up a new ebay listing for a party dress i never wore :(
but my loss is your fashionable gain!

check it out HERE

and follow my adventures on my tumblr site. see you soon!


i blog here... or at least i try!


1) i bought this old polaroid camera off ebay and am extremely excited about it. now.. to purchase all the 600 film i can find...
2) going to Public tonight, a cool looking restaurant in soho designed and i believe also owned by a group of young designers who go by the name "avroKo." they've designed a bunch of interiors around nyc and i am in love with their aesthetic.
3) started another blog on tumblr. follow my not-all-fashion-related adventures on there! (also on there, more information pertaining to my extreme excitement over Public.)


autumn in new york

fall has got to be the best season ever. clothes start becoming layered and much more interesting, and plus, ya don't have to wear that winter coat which would cover it all up.
its just too bad that new york fall is the shortest season of the year.
these two outfits from vena cava are basically the epitome of everything i love about fall

the first outfit incorporates all the things a girl MUST have in her fall wardrobe:
1) tights
2) cute heels
3) a pretty dress to peek out from under
4) a light wool jacket
5) a drapey scarf for tossing on in that haphazardly sexy way.

the second... i love that dress. i want that dress. i need that dress.

vena cava is quickly becoming one of my favorites ever. i love all the smart silhouettes with the slightly vintage-y fabrics. now if only i had $500 to splurge on each item!!


im alive!

im alive im alive! see that? that's proof! picture taken today, alive and well... and wearing a blue tweed skirt-suit combo that i dug out of my closet. its amazing, the stuff i find buried in my parent's place that i would have never otherwise have uncovered if i didn't move to a new place. believe it or not, i've never even worn that outfit. and i bought it about... 4 years ago at least??

moving/living in my own place has really been getting in the way of my old shopping habits :( less money left for clothes. hence, the digging through old closets looking for stuff to wear. i've really got to post up some pictures in later posts of the old stuff i've found. it reminds me of how important it is to really pad your closet with clothes that are not only pretty and make you happy, but also stuff that can really stand the test of time -- things that are just classic enough, but not completely boring.

btw, im loving my new apt, even though i've barely got it furnished. the old tenant left this great mirror behind... its HUGE! and i'm sure if i were to ever want to buy a mirror like it, it'd cost me way more than i'd be capable of spending. its a great mirror to take full length outfit shots in ;)
yes, everything revolves around vanity.

mirror + couch in the background



for the time being i've put clothing/shoe shopping on hold (actually im still working on that)
reason being: i am going to be moving into a new apartment the end of this month, or as soon as construction is done, and i need to save up for all the furnishings i plan on getting and also... i am partially funding the construction.

ack!! so yes... bubbye pretty clothing money, i will have to make do with what i've already got :(

**end update**

dear restoration hardware,

you sell pretty things. i love pretty things. therefore, you and i are really a match made in heaven. except... sometimes the prices are a wee bit out of my range. so imagine how excited i was when i noticed you were having a sale on all bath accessories. i am renovating my bathroom! how did you know? i swear, we must be soulmates.

i ordered the haines double sconce yesterday. i selected expedited shipping. thats supposed to be like, next day shipping right? well, i ordered it late in the day, so im assuming it will be next day starting from the next business day... which is today. so i should get it tomorrow, no?

but, restoration hardware, i have not received a shipping confirmation email, like your website says i would. so i call customer service and what do they tell me? ITS NOT EVEN SET TO BE SHIPPED OUT OF THE WAREHOUSE UNTIL 1 OR 2 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER TODAY! that is NOT expedited shipping!

i hearted you, restoration hardware. but now i am feeling anger towards you. and resentment. i feel lied to. i dont think i can ever trust you again. i think we should see other people.

k thx bye.


body art and dresses

to cynxia,
you went to the renegade craft fair as well? what did you think of it? it was so hot that day that i found it so hard to thoroughly browse through everything. i really wish i had gone again the next day.
i'm not sure if i am the one you saw there, but thanks for your compliments!
here are a couple shots of the tattoos i have on my shoulder and back:

the one of my shoulder is a verse in italian
"live for art, live for love"
the one in the middle of my back is an abstracted version of my last name
neither were designed to be read, i just designed them for their visual appeal
good luck with yours!

onto clothing...
another oak favorite:
i am loving this dress by rachel comey


i was naughty

...and celebrated my bday early.

couldn't resist stopping by one of my favorite boutiques, OAK, to check out this helmut lang dress that had caught my eye a couple of weeks ago. ended up purchasing that AND an opening ceremony dress.

the helmut lang dress
its such a cool material, a coated linen that makes me feel like i'm wearing canvas. very artsy and would be perfect to wear on a museum date or opening exhibition.

the opening ceremony dress
didn't think this dress would look good on me because i've never owned anything in this kind of silhouette. was pleasantly surprised! therefore, had to have it.

cute, no?