happy 4th of july!

for one day out of the year, i actually feel a tinge of proudness for this country, squeezed out of me by the beautiful fireworks set against an epic soundtrack of sinatra and national anthems. i was invited over to my uncle's again, who was throwing a party at his apartment at Trump World. he's got a fantastic view of the water on the UN side, where boats and people line up to be front and center. it was amazing, and i managed to snap a couple of pics on my cell (since my camera was broken and i havent mustered up the courage to kiss my money goodbye for a new one)

since this festive celebration was taking place in one of the posh-est apartments in the city, i decided to break out my new prada dress... and maaan, was it a good idea. just as i had started to feel a little silly for splurging on such an extravagant purchase, i was reassured by a stranger that i had made a good buy. on my way to my uncle's, as i was sitting on the bus, the lady across from me leaned over: "i just wanted to say, your dress is absolutely beautiful. it's gorgeous."

a compliment from a stranger really does wonders to one's self esteem!

during the party, there were so many oohs and ahhs over what i was wearing, and everyone was complimenting me... gosh, i felt like a princess! i couldn't resist snapping a couple of shots of myself in every reflective surface i could find.


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