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alrighty ladies... a quick post before i have to skedaddle! (sp?) going to be a busy weekend for me... visiting one of my best friends up at stonybrook today, so i will be braving the LIRR for the ride up... i wish traveling by railroad was as glamorous as it was back in the day...

anyways, i will return to nyc on saturday, only to leave saturday night for MA! wedding season is upon us.. and my first wedding of this year will be taking place on sunday. i think the decision now is to wear the leopard L.A.M.B. dress posted several entries back... and make sure nothing inappropriate hangs out, which means.. TONS of double sided tape!

am in the midst of trying to plan a quickie vacation in july, the millions of bathing suits i've got are gathering dust and they sure as hell arent going to wear themselves. and i owe it to my new bathing suit to at least make an attempt to go somewhere. i'm glad you guys approve!! and here are the deets:

this awesomely hot bathing suit is by Lenny, a Brazilian (what else?) brand. i bought it in black and it set me back a little over $200. (yiikes!) i discovered it while browsing through the May issue of Elle Magazine, where it was listed as being sold on the ScoopNYC website. (yes, this bathing suit has a story...)

i ran home as Chanel Black Satin was still drying and looked for it on the website, but it wasn't on there! desperate to get my little claws on it, i looked up the brand's contact information, their customer service contacted me back and gave me a list of stores to call up. i spent the next morning in my office, dialing Scoop in the Hamptons, Miami, and Vegas... nothing. all sold out. customer service emailed me back with more stores in Vegas to call, I was placed on several "lists" and told to wait and see if they would be receiving more shipments. needless to say, i gave up. and actually made a sympathy purchase on Madison Los Angeles instead... the cute jumper that Nicole Richie was spotted in while getting her nails done. i swear, i am really not that obsessed with celebs...

so several hours after that purchased was made online... and dont ask me why, i couldnt explain it, i decided to look at Scoop's website again. and THERE it was!! main page of the women's swim section! by PURE luck and a strange twist of fate...there it was, in my size, on the website. you would not believe how ecstatic and torn i was.. yes, both emotions at the same time because.. i had JUST bought something that day and i really didn't want to spend more money! i resisted.. for a few hours anyway. i went home that night and bought it.

and THAT is the story of a shopaholic named wendy.

btw.. this was the purchase which preceded the bathing suit:

have a great weekend everyone!!


Blogger G.G. said...

I love that dress! Plus, I'm so envious you can pull off that bathing suit!

4:04 PM  
Blogger Tru said...

cute purchases

3:38 PM  
Blogger Fashion Lolita said...

That kind of things happen to me often, I try not to spend a lot of money .. but stil ... i can't understand where it all dissapeares

6:44 PM  

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