fun on cobblestones

sort of related to my entry yesterday...
after the gym, i decided to muster up whatever energy i had left, in search for the new girlshop store in the meatpacking district. now, although i love new york city, and i love the west village and meatpacking district, that area is just a pain in the ass to get to. it is close to a subway station, of course, but once you pass 8th avenue, the streets are transformed into a little rome -- a lot of cobblestones. watch out, ladies-in-heels. adding to the danger? no traffic lights! so after carefully stepping over the cracks and dodging the crazy cabs, i arrived at my Mecca.

the store was spacious, but there seemed to be hardly anything inside, especially compared to the grand amount of clothing they sell through their website. i had gone to the store specifically to purchase these cute Dolce Vita wedge heels and an Anne Segal skirt (and not pay outrageous shipping), but was disappointed to find that they didn't have it in the store.

after wandering around the store aimlessly looking through the few racks they had at least 3 times each (and probably generating some thoughts of suspect from the shopkeepers) i decided to try on a Marie Marie top, which was cute, but not lust-worthy, i decided to ask the ladies -- "If i wanted to buy stuff off the website without having to pay shipping, can it be shipped to the store for pick-up?"

to my delight (!!) apparently, they have a mac set up in the shop just so that customers can place their orders, the shopkeepers enter a special promotion code, and the products are sent straight to your house, minus shipping! aaaand, if anything needs to be returned, it can just be brought to the store! voila! fantastic!

i plopped my tired-cobblestone-skipping butt down and finally made my purchase.


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