meet my new baby :)
maybe im silly for getting the blackberry curve when the iPhone is set to go onsale on the 29th, only 11 days away, but i definitely do not regret it, i am loving this little gadget! besides... first generation iphone... may not be the best and most reliable idea right? oh, and this is like, several hundred dollars cheaper. another plus! seriously, it took me nearly forever to decide what to do. all's i know is that i wanted a pda+camera phone. and im glad i didnt decide to go with a treo which was my initial plan. heard its still kinda.. "buggy." this from a treo user too.
it's super fast for web browsing, i can check email on the road, dled googleTalk for it and now i can chat with people on gmail.. its fantastic! and plus, the camera on this pda is the best feature!

now.. to find a pretty case for it...

...to be continued....


Anonymous ambika said...

My boss had a Treo and yeah, he had a *lot* of problems with it. My boyfriend just got the new Blackbery and he loves it. I played with it for about five minutes before deciding that yes, it should be called Crackberry and quickly giving it back to him before I started justifying why I needed one, too.

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