bang for the buck

although there isn't much else better than wearing head-to-toe designer duds, there's much to be said for trendy cheapees. i have no shame mixing h&m with prada and today, the most expensive thing i am wearing is this tiny gold heart necklace that you can't even see in pictures because it is insanely delicate and thin. (and even though i own too-many-to-be-practical designer shades, i still cant resist the occasional $5 sunglasses which i wear more often because i dont have to worry about breaking them)

i'll confess... after work yesterday i was advised by my parents to have dinner out on my own because the electricity in our neighborhood was still shot (from the storm). and since i was starving on my way to the subway station, i hopped over to uncle louie g's for some cappuccino chunk ice cream. feeling incredibly guilty for having dessert before dinner, and such a decadent dessert too... i decided to pass on dinner and spend some time browsing in the city. i heard a&e was giving away movie tickets for trying on a pair of their jeans so i took the train to herald square to try some on. their new artist jeans are nice, especially the premium denim wash, but alas, the tickets were all given away. i left empty handed but jumped right next door to forever 21. i'm 23, but so what, right?

that place is a treasure trove of fleeting trendy pieces made of the cheapest stuff man can engineer into fabric. this $25 dress i'm wearing right now is probably made from leftover plastic strips mixed with dried up leaves. but i love it. its all the style, without the commitment, or the dent in the wallet. and if i decide i can't stand how the new kimono sleeve trend makes my shoulders look too "linebacker"? well i can either toss it out the window, or use it as a rag to wipe down all the dust in my room. at least for now, its light and floaty enough to air out my pits in the summer! haha, gross me.

the store was so budget-friendly that, get this, i decided to buy a jumpsuit. a navy "twill" tube top/shorts combination. no kidding. this may be the worst mistake of my life, but for now, i can feel very slick and downtown when i put it on... and try not to look too skanky.


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