restaurant week...er, night.

last night's dinner at brasserie was kinda crazy! the place is real neat looking, you go through revolving doors into what looks like a combination of a spaceship/boat, and as you go through the doors, a little snapshot is taken of each person which gets displayed on these little screens above the bar. people-watching, im assuming? the restaurant was super crowded and super noisy. i dont know if they had decided to set up more tables, since it was restaurant week, but it was just tooo insanely claustrophobic.

the food was pretty good, but get this... the appetizers were seriously, ridiculously small. they were like exaggerations of their own scales. i got a tomato and melon salad, and what was on my plate? about three baby leaves, one small tomato cut into 4 parts, one olive sliced in half, and one 1x1x1 cube of melon, sliced into 4 slivers. i swear they were so thin, it was see-through! jen's appetizer consisted of one artichoke sliced in half, a teaspoon of cheese, and one sliced olive. haha we were making jokes that they could have bought one jar of artichokes and one cantaloupe and been able to feed everyone that night.

the entrees were more decently sized, a nice normal portion, and it was pretty good. poor pat was stuck with the "skate" which is apparently manta ray, pretty delicious! i had steak and fries, and jen had trout. the desserts were to die for. creme brulee with ginger cookies, and profiteroles... which doesn't sound like anything edible, but were these little balls of ice cream covered with a pastry crust.

mmmm sooo good.


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