worms, but not the gross kind

this beautifully hot and steamy day brings me 24 hours closer to my new eyeglasses. i saw a woman in the subway station today, hiking her shirt all the way up past her boobs to relieve herself of the heat. completely gross, btw, no one needs to see it.

and since my chronic neck pains have not subsided, i think i may consider taking up my mom's offer to buy me a new bed. which means, this weekend may be chock full of trips to ikea, or if i decide to splurge a little, crate&barrel. hahah.

this past weekend my mom and i did a little mother-daughter bonding via shopping and she bought me a cute pair of "patent-leather-red-low-wedge-peep-toed" shoes. (never thought there could be such a long string of adjectives used to describe a pair of shoes, huh?) this comes as a total surprise to me since she's always yelling at me for buying way too many pairs of shoes. but i think she finally understood this weekend. its just impossible to say no to shoes that look good on standard feet! and i've got standard feet!

i suppose i should get back to work now before updating again... ive got my tub of gummy worms to keep me company :)


Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

i want all your clothes. my wardrobe has become so boring :(

2:06 PM  

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