digging around the closet

once in a blue moon, i manage to steal a real nice piece of clothing. well, not steal in the traditional sense, of course, the only thing i've ever truly "stolen" was a ring i wore in a store that i forgot to remove when i left. i dont even remember what that ring looked like, or if it was even nice. probably didn't matter much. anyways, as the rain came pouring down in buckets, i decided to seek shelter at beacon's closet, this cute little vintage store in park slope. and good thing i did.

after a half an hour of browsing through the crazily arranged racks, through endless floral printed boxy button-downs, filmy camis, brightly colored poofy party dresses, and denim jackets, i scored -- one cream sequin and lace eve*lynn skirt... $8.95, and in a size small! amazing, no? THATS what i call a steal! i also bought a vintage crazy looking halter dress made from light blue velvet, flower patterned cotton, and green ribbon. i will post up pictures one day... the day i'm brave enough to unleash my inner lolita.

note: there is a sample sale at Wink Boutique (155 Spring Street) on July 20, where you can find eve*lynn and other stuff on sale!


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