hump day!

i absolutely adore anything French. i dont care how much YOU may not like them, but they sure make beautiful music. i've recently become obsessed with Autour de Lucie... thanks to Pandora. i play it over and over, repeating every single song. the tunes are just so beautiful, and the girl's voice is so sensually mellow. love it! listen to it! its fantastic! (i wish i were french.)

my package is supposed to arrive today from girlshop! weee! so excited! i'm really hoping that everything not only fits but looks uuuuber fabulous because i plan on wearing them this week -- out to happy hour and to brasserie (which is elegantly casual.. does that even make sense? haha)

bought a l.a.m.b. top yesterday, had my eye on it for a while and saw it onsale at bloomies! still not absolutely sure whether or not i'll keep it... gotta keep playing around with it for a while. the only problem is that if i start spazzing out, it may become a little x-rated. haha! im gonna need to buy some double sided tape and some diva dots!

i guess i'm dressed real preppy-like today. i feel bummy... at least tomorrow i get to have a good reason to dress up. and friday? well... friday is just, friday! it is THE day for dressing up.

it's almost lunch time, and as usual, i have no idea what i'm going to eat. :( it's so hard for me to pick. i hate eating lunch. it's the worst meal of the day. i hate lunch foods!

i still want to buy a new camera. the sony t9, but i figure it would be good to wait a little bit before i buy it. ive already spent too much moolah this week and it would do me good to save up. after all, if i buy the camera, i cant just make that one purchase. i gotta get a camera case, a memory card... it all adds up in the end! grrrrr. maybe i'll just return the l.a.m.b. top and get the camera instead. dammit! i dont know.

i guess today's entry is turning into a rant&rave of sorts.


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