no real luck with finding a v-day dress yet, although i do have a lot of dresses that i currently own which i could wear... just have to get them taken in. alterations suck :( im too lazy, and then the clothes wind up sitting in my closet... untouched, unworn, completely wasted! so yes, i must do something about that. am currently thinking that i will wear my strapless L.A.M.B dress. will post up picture some other time.. meeting soon...

so as i was browsing yesterday, i found these two cuuuute little items... which look a lot like... underwear.

(rosa cha bikini)

I would totally consider wearing the bcbg dress for vday but i dont want anyone to think i'd just stumbled out of my hotel room in my jammies and showed up at the bar, too lazy to change... and i love love LOVE the rosa cha bikini... so freakin pretty! their runway collection looks pretty hot!
alrighty.. off to meeting now!


Blogger Tru said...

hmm pretty dress, odd problem abotu th pj thing but I do see what you mean

2:56 PM  
Blogger alluretone said...

thoes intimate wears are pretty hot. i agree with the pj and the dress. andd i love your the look pic on the side bar, the boots are very cute!

4:19 PM  
Blogger ENID P. said...

I am drewling over the look today..totally...

I Like the underwear, but I don't love the dres.
I think you can find something cuter that doesn't look like PJ's.

Don't get me wrong..I like the dress but I don't love it..


6:26 PM  

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