oh no, snow!

even though this nyc winter has been freakishly warm.. theres no avoiding the fact that it is that time of the season again... snowboarding/ski season. my least favorite thing to do. ever. i gave it a fair shot last year, when i went with a couple of friends to a place not too far from college. we even paid for a group lesson on the bunny slope. and after snowboarding down that slope a good couple of times, the only thing i mastered was.. the fall! i woke up the next morning with sore achey palms, barely able to lift myself out of bed. luckily my ghanian drumming class that night was cancelled!
like all shopaholics, i spent a good couple of weeks preparing my outfit for that trip, but eventually gave up looking for anything fantastic since i was away at school with no job and no spending money. i settled for an illfitting jacket at macy's and an even more ill fitting pair of snow pants from modell's. somehow i had managed to find the only pair of pants there that would fit me... and i looked like freakin jay-z on ice. the pants were way too baggy and the crotch came down to my knees! needless to say, i've got it stuffed away in a weekender someplace and refuse to let it see the light of day.
anyways, theres no avoiding it now. for the sake of setting aside some quality time to spend with my friends, i've agreed to go on a snowboarding/ski trip with them in february. which gives me some time to look for something to wear. i had my heart set on a pair of ski pants from Stella McCartney which fit me sooo perfectly. it was fitted, it was stylish, it made me feel like i had made plans to go to aspen with vicky beckham and we would be skiing simultaneously down a beautiful snow covered mountain while david beckham prepared hot chocolate for us back at the cabin. unfortunately, i have a somewhat different budget than the beckhams, and spending close to $500 on a pair of pants that i will be taking tumbles in doesnt seem too clever!
thank god for overstock.com. i was able to find less-than-frumpy looking snowboarding gear:

P10296278 P10296269 P10296270
(betty rides, pinstripe jacket and pants!)

each piece was around 55-65 dollars and have a nice pinstripe print on them... i'll take anything other than the argyle or the paisley prints!

MLB10296270 MLB10296269
(close up of the print)

plus.. that means i'll have money left over for some super cute stella accessories like a matching glove, hat, and neckwarmer set!

pADIDAS1-2745610_pattern_w345a pADIDAS1-2745587_pattern_w345a pADIDAS1-2745609w345a pADIDAS1-2745636_pattern_w345a

p.s... i've gone crazy. i've photoshopped blythe to wear my snow outfit!


Blogger missc said...

Ah, I'm going on a ski trip in a couple of weeks, and have (had) the same dilemma. I guess I'll have to check the site out

6:09 PM  
Blogger Carissa said...

I love the gloves and hat, much luck on your ski trip. I've yet to ever find fashionable ski wear, so I hope you can!

6:16 PM  
Blogger Tru said...

I love snow days but hate the cold

11:39 AM  
Blogger Model Citzen said...

Isn't it crazy how it was 72 in New York City this weekend? in January?!? I bet if you go to paragon, you'll find everything on sale!

11:02 AM  

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