because fendi.. rhymes with wendy

i've never been a super fan of fendi, but their logo isnt terrible looking. i really like the dark brown logo pattern (as opposed to the lighter khaki version).. and some of their recent designs are actually quite modern in a weird goofy way. take for example, this convertible bag-clutch:

ok.. it doesnt really look that great as a bag... but i really like the way it looks as a clutch.

i love how it incorporates different materials and their classic logo pattern at different scales, its interesting, without being too INSANE (unlike their previous multicolored attempt seen here on What's Haute)

their box clutch is pretty cute too. am loving the plexiglass material of it:

but... what i am reaaally loving from fendi this season, are their accessories. specifically the jewelry.

modern cuffs

and a pretty drapey necklace


Blogger jennine said...

i love that fendi clutch. it's gorgeous, and i don't normally like 'logo'wear... hmm... now i have something new to obsess over...

1:32 PM  

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