onesies...one problem.

so a while back (more specifically, like, last summer) i bought a one-piece strapless jumper from forever 21. but like all things found at forever 21, i had a hard time getting even the smallest size to fit right, and being pretty much boobless :( i get paranoid about my top slipping off.

but thanks to fellow fashionistas around the globe and online, it wasn't long before i learned about double sided tape. (can you believe it.. the first time that became mainstream was when j.lo wore that crazy plunging neckline green jungle print chiffon dress? and how shocked america was that she would wear such a risque outfit on the red carpet and manage to prevent any of her lady parts from slipping out?) of course, now i keep a roll of double stick tape handy and today was just like any other day when i've got the perfect use for it, AND i got to test out this new trick i learned for keeping strapless dresses up... stick the double sided tape along the top edge of the strapless top, right underneath your arms. thats really the only place you need to apply it to get the top to stay.

that being said, i applied the tape and got ready for my day. a medium cup of iced coffee later, i found myself in the bathroom trying to figure out if there was a way i could pee without having to remove my one-piece jumper. of course, the answer was no. so all my hard work, getting the sticky tape, being so proud of myself for preventing any embarrassing moments...out the window! i should consider bringing that tape out with me next time... but after i keep a log of how many times i actually use the bathroom each day. its going to be a lot of tape.


Blogger Tru said...

I use double stick tap for certain things such as when a shirt is low cut and I don't want my bra showing all day

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Jill said...

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2:52 PM  
Blogger Who's That Fashionista? said...

I was introduced to tape my senior prom!! Eh, you do have to reapply a lot!
Wicked blog...love your style.

3:28 PM  

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