autumn in new york

fall has got to be the best season ever. clothes start becoming layered and much more interesting, and plus, ya don't have to wear that winter coat which would cover it all up.
its just too bad that new york fall is the shortest season of the year.
these two outfits from vena cava are basically the epitome of everything i love about fall

the first outfit incorporates all the things a girl MUST have in her fall wardrobe:
1) tights
2) cute heels
3) a pretty dress to peek out from under
4) a light wool jacket
5) a drapey scarf for tossing on in that haphazardly sexy way.

the second... i love that dress. i want that dress. i need that dress.

vena cava is quickly becoming one of my favorites ever. i love all the smart silhouettes with the slightly vintage-y fabrics. now if only i had $500 to splurge on each item!!


Blogger M said...

autumn is my fav season too! + tights! i wish i could go to NY...

9:48 PM  
Blogger ed said...









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Blogger Miss Naomi said...

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