its sweater weather but i want sandals?

spring is here. not that we'd actually feel it in the weather or anything, but thats what the shops are telling us! and i dont know if its just me but... i dont find any of the new stuff particularly exciting. maybe im just not in the right mindset yet. after all, here in nyc we're experiencing one of those random bursts of cold and the furthest thing from my mind right now are floaty spring dresses and sandals.

although these sandals from martin margiela do kind of get my blood pumping...

but to get back to this week of cold and possible snow, last night i ventured out to williamsburg in search of the only currently opened Oak (the park slope one is under renovation, and the manhattan one has yet to open). Oak is having their 30/40/50 sale, and since this is the week where everything is marked down 50%, ive finally made my long awaited Marlova purchase.

this cashmere tent cardigan is now miiiineeee! mmm...cashmere... i love you :)

martin margiela sandals (eluxury.com)
marlova tent cardigan (oaknyc.com)


Blogger belle.chantelle said...

I'd love to see those shoes on someone.

12:04 AM  

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