the alluring kirsten dunst wearing marc jacobs

ever since i bought allure with kirsten dunst on the cover, i've dreamed about wearing the beautiful marc jacobs top she has on. and that was 2 years ago. i found it on scoop, only to discover the top was $1800. in other words, unaffordable. once a month, i'd revisit scoop and eventually i watched the price drop from $1800 to $800 to $600. it finally reached a low of $300 on the website, but since i was in college at the time, it was still unfortunately unaffordable. as time passed, the top was no longer on the website, and i resorted to ebay. unable to find the real deal, i settled for a knockoff and wore it happily during festive fall events.

this past weekend, i was walking down broadway when i noticed a new store on the block -- Scoop Warehouse. i was in the store for about 5 seconds when i noticed the lace peeking out from between a bunch of other flirty tops. the exact top kirsten wears on the cover, with the raspberry velvet, 90% off. :)


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