spicin' up my life

its official! i've found the best sangria ever, and it lives at Spice. It's called the Pink Asian Sangria (har har) and is sooo deliciously pink and filled with tiny chopped up strawberries, apples, and some other stuff thats just too small for me to be able to tell what exactly it is... i could really use a break right now at work to get some... mmm

other cool stuff on the menu? lots and lots of other pink drinks. so pretty!

i also got my eyeglasses yesterday and am super excited about them. i'd wear them more often but somehow i feel, when i wear glasses, that oftentimes i have to dress around the glasses. its like how when you ask people how they put an outfit together, sometimes they say that they pick out their shoes first, and that dictates what clothes they put on. for me, its usually one article of clothing (whatever is newest, hahha) which determines what follows.. but when i put glasses on? they totally become the center of attention. i think i may soon need to purchase more monochromatic shades of clothing to go with the new super-chic-brainy-chick look. i want more "modern" artsy lookin clothes!


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