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hey guys! just a quick post to respond to comments posted on the last entry...

the long vs. the short
thanks for all the input on the leather jacket! i definitely spent a couple of hours in front of the mirror contemplating the length and going back and forth between wishing i had tried on a shorter version and thinking that some cropped stuff just doesnt look right on me. im pretty happy with the longer version right now though.. hopefully the more classic silhouette would be a much better investment than getting a cropped one (thats just another excuse for.. "but they dont have the cropped one in my size!" hahah) but thanks nonetheless!! i really appreciate all the advice, esp. from girls that i know love fashion just as much as i do :) keep the comments coming!!

the illusion of height
i am definitely short. not tall like a model. i wish!!! i am a measly 5'-3" but thanks to heels and platform sandals, i can create the illusion of legs that go on for miles and miles and miles! haha kidding. skinny jeans definitely make my legs look longer and me look taller. thats why i love them so. also... practicing how to stand in front of the mirror helps me to find the best angle to make me look the slimmest ;)

just how big are those pants?
i am a pretty standard sz 24 though some brands fit better than others (im sure thats the way it is for most people) the problem for me is trying to find a pair of jeans that will fit me well even though i dont have very much in the way of hips. some jeans end up being too baggy around that area, and then too tight around the waist which kinda sucks. radcliffe, r&r, 7s, j brand, paige premium = sz 24. ksubi jeans are.. TINY!! i bought a pair in size 8, which i think is a 26. the sz. 7/25 fits but the 26 isnt as tight around my legs. 7/25 gives me sausage legs... like im walking on two sausages wrapped in spandex. gross!

and... thats all folks! see ya later!


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