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i think most people will agree with me that nyc has no dress code. and the beautiful thing about nyc is that you can find almost every style from every genre, every era, and every culture... all you have to do is hang out in the right area. there is, of course, the stereotypical idea of a new yorker who is dressed in all black, sleek, walking a mile a minute. and then theres the LES new yorker, inspired by british punk, rockin' out in their skinny jeans... the 5th avenue new yorker, always dressed impeccably in old-money designer... the uptown preppy new yorker... the soho new yorker in indie designerwear... and thats only manhattan. then theres the rest of nyc, the inner queens-new yorker in everything tight and flashy, the park slope yuppy new yorker in crocs... i could go on forever. but what was my point? my point is, the lovely thing about new york is the freedom to wear whatever the hell you want and be able to get away with it, no matter what your style. and there is inspiration everywhere!

but enough of these silly observations that i make while i am stealthily people-watching. as a part of my slow style evolution... i have started to rethink everything i have in my wardrobe and its neat to see how i've changed. i went through my punky rebellious phase -- lots of reconstructed band t-shirts and ripped jeans. my cutesy girly phase -- prim and proper dresses perfect for the tea parties i never get invited to. and then my designer phase -- prada skirts that still make me feel too lady-like. my "i'm sexy look at me" phase -- too many halter tops and things that sparkle. ugh, i dont even know where i am anymore. all i know is that now i am in my architectural phase -- everything structured, yet drapy, unique layered details, blah blah blah. and when all else fails, just plain black, like a somber canvas.

enough rambling! here are some of my current favs, perfect for days when i just can be bothered to think up outfit combinations and a dress is the easiest thing to put on:

i love the layers and different patterns. great summer dress from rachel comey

this is a dress by guild with the usual metal chain details, except its not visible in this image. am loving the loose fitting shape.

simple summer dress from clu. would love to pair this with some platform sandals!


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really interesting post indeed!

love that first dress! great!

As for style development I sometimes wonder, if it's not only that I choose between trends and certain style statements the fashion industry and mags have prepared already and claim them as my style? I mean, as a fashion victim, I may be totally influenced by the industry and marketing strategies, but how much is your own style really your own style? It's just, because I i.e. went thru that punky rocker indie chick phase as well, in those days 80ies had this reaaally huge comeback with referrals to Vivienne Westwood, Punk + Neon-Disco-trash. And today I feel this "architectural phase" just like you describe it.
Sorry, I hope u get my point, because my English sometimes sucks so bad I can't get to a point as fast as in German.. that's why I had to delete the previous two comments, sorry for that! :)

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is that rachel comey dress available somewhere online? it looks like a creatures of comfort photo, but i couldn't find it on their website. thanks!

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