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so i guess im a little slow, catching onto trends... i recently saw this picture of eva mendes in the now defunct Jane magazine and i LOVE her straw fedora. ive always liked fedoras, but never had the courage to wear them when its not halloween (and when my costume isnt something having to do with a mobster). with the recent popularity of the much talked about (love them or hate them) "hipster style" i've started to see straw fedoras popping up everywhere. and i think i will be parading around in my black felt fedora once the whether gets cooler. great for bad hair days right?

meanwhile, i started a frantic search for a straw fedora to keep the sun off my face for the remainder of summer...

love it on mischa barton

but found the one eva was wearing, and was pleasantly surprised at the price tag

this straw fedora is by Brixton and is the Castor style. not bad, priced at around $35.
im expected to receive it by Monday... hopefully it wont look too terrible on me, but if it does... you'll find it posted on ebay!

Hi there
I found your blog accidentally while browsing online. You have a nice blog. I think your skin is so good and fresh. Why don't you write about your skin care routine. Just a suggestion!

Hey Jill
Thanks for checking out my blog! And thanks for the compliment on my skin.... I used to get that a lot actually, when I was in school because, being an architecture student, we were all expected to have extremely terrible skin from staying up way too late everyday, not getting enough sleep because of school work, and not eating the most healthy foods. I learned what worked for my skin pretty early on and I stick with it -- a simple regimen which consists of Neutrogena acne cleanser (that orange stuff, both the foam and gel work well) followed by the Clinique 7-day scrub (for those pesky blackheads)... and thats pretty much it! sometimes I used a toner, but i havent found one that i cant part with yet. I've tried the purple clinique one, but it just feels like im rubbing alcohol on my skin, which is refreshing, but not good for much else. I've also tried the tea tree toner from Kiehls, but it makes my face feel greasy after. I guess I gotta keep looking for that one...


Blogger Amy said...

I love the fedora look as well..wish i could pull it off!

10:35 PM  
Blogger euphoricvix said...

hi - was wondering is it hard to sell stuff on ebay? i saw that you posted some shoes - were they completely new or just worn once or twice? How much do you sell it from it's retail price? Is there actually a demand? I'm just wondering cuz I've always wanted to sell stuff on Ebay - but I am afraid no one would ever buy it...

seems like you sold a lot of stuff though :)


4:57 PM  
Blogger ENID P. said...

i love the hat and its true u have nice sin. I use neutrogena too. It works the best on me...

enid p.

12:56 AM  

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