while browsing through my usual must-read links, i noticed the "ugly shoe of the week" on shoewawa, this pair by a brand i've never heard of, Luichiny.

i.. actually kinda like it. (hides in shame)

anyway, so i started browsing through Luichiny shoes on zappos and noticed a pair that looked awfully familiar...

very much like marc by marc jacobs

but of course, for like 1/4 of the price.

it's cute! im definitely considering purchasing them (the cheaper pair), but i need to browse through more of the marc jacobs runway images for some outfit inspiration

hi - was wondering is it hard to sell stuff on ebay? i saw that you posted some shoes - were they completely new or just worn once or twice? How much do you sell it from it's retail price? Is there actually a demand?

Hi Vicky
Thanks for writing. Its not that difficult to sell stuff on ebay. Hopefully when you feel like becoming a seller, you've already got some good feedback so that you come across as being a trustworthy person to your potential buyers. If you are just starting out as a new user, I'd recommend listing some items that you are willing to sell dirt cheap for, before listing luxury-anything that you want to get a lot of money for... as a buyer, i find it incredibly creepy if someone is selling a luxury item for a lot of money with 0 feedback.
Also...when i sell items on ebay, i'm not looking to be the kind of seller that has to make a profit. it's not my job, i use ebay as someplace i can clear out my closet. if i make a profit, thats fantastic! but if i dont, then its ok because it wasn't my goal. Of course, dont list your stuff for really cheap if you dont want to sell it for that amount.
I sell probably an equal amount of used and new stuff. You know how sometimes you decide to buy something, promise yourself you'll wear it, but then never do? I make a lot of those mistakes, so often, those things get listed and are usually new or maybe worn once.I also find I have better luck selling things that are actually worth money...like, instead of selling the sweater i got as a christmas present from grandma, i'll sell a pair of prada platforms i got as a lucky sample sale purchase but never wore.
There is a good demand for luxury or special items and i dont usually sell at retail price unless the tags are still on it and its still available in stores. This happens with purchases i make from places that dont allow me to return them.

I hope this helps, if you ever have any other questions, feel free to ask!


Anonymous ambika said...

I have the *exact* same sentiment about ebay. I'm not aiming to be a power seller; it's just a way to get back a little bit of the money I spent on items that just don't suit me anymore.

And those shoes...leave me speechless :)

12:20 PM  
Blogger LaBelle said...

I agree with the first shoes... they are kind of cool...

9:06 PM  
Blogger selva said...

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1:10 AM  

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