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so after work yesterday, i decided to stop by Scoop on my way home to try on this dress that i saw online. now, scoop, is not one of my favorite stores. nowhere even near close. i love shopping, its obvious, and im really not very picky as to which stores i go into. and i dont have crazy demands. all i ask for, when i go shopping, is that i dont encounter pushy salespeople and i think expecting them to be somewhat friendly is really not so odd. ever since scoop moved from the spring street corner to the bigger what-used-to-be the scoop warehouse further south, i havent liked going in. the store is really big and really bright. and theres hardly anyone in there, which i hate because i dont like being the only person shopping in the store. all attention is on me and it makes me feel extremely self conscious.

so of course, yesterday, i go in, and the store is like usual, empty, except for a few other shoppers, i couldve counted them on one hand. i pick up the dress, someone offers to start a fitting room for me, and i continue to browse, picking up some other things along the way...a ka7 top, 2 pairs of jeans, a gauzy beach dress. i go into the fitting room to try them on, only to emerge later with only one pair of jeans in my hands.

superfine denim, on sale for $59. the salesperson who was helping me hurries over, "is this it??" he sighs impatiently.

stuck up salespeople do not make me want to spend money in their stores.

note: scoop needs to do something about their fitting rooms. perhaps if they didnt use crazy heavy velvet curtains to enclose them, some AC would get in and i wouldnt be stuck trying on $400 dresses dripping in sweat. (ew, i know, im sorry to get descriptive) maybe if their mirrors were installed properly then i wouldnt be staring at a wavy distorted reflection. maybe then i wouldve bought more overpriced designer goodies because i'd actually feel like i looked good in them. unfortunately, a wavy sweaty wendy doesn't look good in anything. not even $400 designer duds.

man, i needed to vent.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

scoop is for people who have no idea...

5:41 PM  
Blogger eye4style said...

Yes, their online customer service is both atrocious and clueless too.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and don't get me started on "intermix"... the worst.

1:40 PM  

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