UK has more fun than US

the more i look at the fall/winter balenciaga line, the more in love i am with it. i love the fitted schoolboy looking blazers, the perfectly fringey scarves that will look great and be warm enough for the fall.. but most of all, i love, LOVE the equestrian looking khaki jodhpurs/breeches.

everything goes together quite nice, and most of the stuff in the look can be easily found in any store here. Scarf -- too easy, find in urban outfitters, or any store that sells anything "tibetan." Blazer -- j.crew would probably have something similar, they've been working the whole fitted schoolboy-but-for-women-blazers for a while now. Sock -- just have to be grey. Heels -- strappy high heeled sandals are a dime a dozen, but jeffery campbell makes one suspiciously more-than-similar. but the jodhpurs?? thats where i got stuck.

although some websites are already taking preorders for the fall/winter balenciaga line, $1000+ is more than i would ever be able to spend.. on anything that doesnt also double as a place to live. a quick google search for "balenciaga jodhpurs" turns up enough teasing links -- "Are you ready to jump into jodhpurs?" but... if jodhpurs really are the next big thing in fashion, how come i don't see them here in the US? how come the h&m mannequins aren't wearing them? how come forever 21 hasn't already knocked off a pair? how come urban outfitters... the company that so embraces wacky unusual trends... hasnt come out with their own denim or plaid version?

(gap UK ads, khaki jodhpurs on the left)

get this.. they are so popular in the UK that even GAP is carrying a khaki pair in 2 different colors. there have even been multiple articles stating that GAP has made them "incredibly wearable" and "surprisingly flattering." i sent an email over to their "international queries" inbox and theyre not sure that their khaki jodhpurs would ever make it over to the states. how sad is that? but GAP isnt even the only company in the UK that has come out with a version of jodhpurs. warehouse has a couple too. but they dont ship to the US of course. why does the UK get to have all the fun?!

meanwhile... i'll just have to think up a creative solution. perhaps even attempt to make my own pair from a baggy pair of old pants. i need to get a sewing machine.

p.s. not only is gap UK far superior, so is Urban Outfitters UK. they had carried designers like Alice McCall and Karen Walker. and their current site has goodies like these jackets that i cant find on the US version of the site:


Anonymous ambika said...

Oh my gosh, those bottom 2 jackets are *amazing*. Boo to US Urban Outfitters.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Diana said...

This is a travesty but that's the states for you. Knowing Topshop though they'll have a pair within weeks and they ship to the US. Tell us if you find some.

8:00 PM  
Blogger editor said...

wow, those UO pieces look gooo-ooood.

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm absolutly in love with these !!!
I live in Paris and wondered when they were going to come...
Hope the gaps one are nice cos' the balenciaga's are a bit expensive...

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, i'm from the UK, and just would like to say that I am sooo happy that i found your blog cos ive been looking all over for a blazer and scarf lookalike as there are none in the UK, so personally I think US shopping rules! Im going to New York in a few weeks so im gonna crash your Urban Outfitters!

4:28 PM  

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