fashionably loud

show me a girl who doesnt love a good coupon code for a shopping website, and i'll show you a stiletto made of spiderwebs. giddy with excitement from sales and deals, i bought a fashionably loud meghan slip dress. anxiously waiting for my package to arrive... ive been looking at pictures on the web when i came across an image of paris hilton wearing the same dress at her birthday party.

now im not too sure about this crazy lady, but i do admire that she's made a name for herself. although it may not have been through methods one would normally consider admirable, rational, logical, or conventional, its fascinating that one girl can have so much ... i dont know... power? luck? whatever. love her or hate her, at least ya know her. anyways, she's got a body to die for!

now here's what i find fascinating. two celebrities, wearing the same dress, different colors. one works, and the other doesn't. one makes you go "ooo what a pretty girl." the other? "ooo... what happened to her??" but i guess tara reid sorta gets that all the time now.

paris vs. tara
hopefully my boob-lessness will keep me from lookin skankalicious like tara.


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