i <3 dresses

bored at work, daydreaming about fall and dressing up. somehow it just feels wrong to wear too much black in the middle of summer... this weekend i bought a pair of dress pants, sweater, dress, belt, fold-over ankle boots -- all black. and im pretty sure im going to buy the vince cashmere sweater in a dark heather grey.
anyways the brief mention of summer reminds me that i need to maintain something of a summer glow before its too late! time is running out! there have been so few beach-worthy weekends this year, its disappointing. im sick of tan lines though, so it might be time to visit a salon instead.
i need to find a pretty dress to wear to my cousin's wedding in october. we're making a special trip out to taiwan just to attend it, and to visit my grandpa too, whom i havent seen in 5 years. i just want to blow them away! like a, "hello-im-back!" dress. a head-turning dress! haha ok i guess im getting a little carried away, thinking that way, because the focus should be on the bride, and definitely not me. but that doesnt mean i cant look fabooolous!

speaking of fabooolous dresses, since the blackout last week, i missed ep.2 of project runway. luckily, nbc was showing it last night, and man! designing gowns look sooo fun. i really liked keith and bradley's design. now if i can find a dress like that.. perfect! (but maybe a little too much for someone else's wedding??)


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