and... its back to work again

hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving!! i get to have thanksgiving leftovers for lunch this week, thanks to my boss (weee!! my parents dont celebrate...) so, i suppose thats better than nothing!

i had planned for some outlet shopping on black friday, and then i either suddenly had an epiphany, or awoke from my drunken stupor, and realized that shopping at woodbury on black friday would be a suicide attempt.

lucky for me, we didnt skip shopping altogether, and on sunday, my family, friends, and i had a humongous shopping spree at bloomies armed with our secret weapon -- teresa the retired-employee and her fabulous discount. i seriously, love that woman... besides being the sweetest lady in the world with a killer sense of humor, she's so up to date with current fashion and trends, we never run out of stuff to talk about!

so anyways, enough of the boring stuff... here is some visual stimulation of some of the more "useful" winter "necessities" that i got as gifts! (hooray for not having to spend my own money sometimes! god knows my wallet can use the break)

burberry earmuffs

juicy couture scarf

and matching mittens


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