inspiration: sculpture

my freshman year in college studying architecture, i had this professor who was one of the youngest women teachers in our school. (most everyone else were old, male, and bald) she had a awesomely sexy european accent, the cutest haircut that only women with good facial structure could pull off, and the cooolest clothes, in my mind. when you're an architect, whether you like it or not, your clothes can speak volumes about your design sense. some stick to a "uniform," as if their closet only contained numerous amounts of the same combination of tops, bottoms, and shoes. most stick to black. and the ones i admired wore the strangest sculpturally interesting outfits, kind of like this cream colored dress by zero maria cornejo. my professor wore dresses that some described as carefully crinkled garbage bags, or foil space suits, or sacks of material with various straps dangling off it. in any case, this woman was able to pull it off! after my sophmore year, she had left my school to teach elsewhere, but randomly last week, on my way to an exhibition opening, i saw her running across the street in the rain, wearing a subtle shiny black skirt with a long loopy black strap around the hem. maaan, i love her style.

also on my "love list," this cute grey jumper by 3.1 phillip lim:



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mmmm 3.1 phillip lim

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