librarian-nun-troll? i dont wanna...

the more i look at this dress from vanessa barrantes, the more i want to buy it. but its one of those looks that you can either pull off extremely well, or, if you're like me, risk looking like a strict librarian-nun-troll. so im a bit more than hesistant to get it, even though im so utterly tempted to because of a sale online. AND i cant try it on. so it super sucks. and its also one of those dresses thats guaranteed to look super good on someone with a beautiful face. as long as you've got the face, you can wear it! i really swear by that. beautiful faces look good in anything and everything, even if its some crazy purple feathered suit. ok.. well, maybe not that.


Blogger Sarah said...

i like the dress very much , quite fabulous

11:12 PM  
Blogger Kine=) said...

The shape is so nice!

5:22 AM  

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