does the wanting ever stop?!!

so for 2007, i've decided i would like to transform my wardrobe, bit by bit. my style has always been clean, simple, and very body-conscious in the sense that i've figured out which parts of my body i like, and which parts i dislike. im short, so i like to wear clothes that make me appear taller -- rarely wear flats, ditched the cropped pants, stick to colors and cuts that elongate. my shoulders are pretty wide, compared to my non-existent hips (ive got a boy body :( ) so i stay away from boatnecks, strangely cut judy-jetson-esque cap sleeves, and top-heavy frills and ruffles. ive got no boobs so im ok with wearing low-cut tops, and scoop neck tops, which also makes my stumpy neck look longer... and so on. does the criticism ever end!?!

so anyways, back on point.. through all the efforts to mask and conceal every flaw that i've pinpointed, my wardrobe has become too predictable. and though i love my clothes dearly, and they have served me well, i've decided that a change of style is in order. i look at people who have similar body types as me.. weird, midgety, little-boned people... and decided that no matter how wide their shoulders may look, or how boyish their figures may be, how short their baggy pants make them look.. they still manage to look pretty cute! and maybe sometimes its not about looking like a super-chic supermodel, but having a fun sense of quirky style is something that one can strive for! anyways, im working on it...

meanwhile, i've decided i need more t-shirts. i never wear t-shirts. mostly because a lot of them are printed with stuff. and i dont like people reading my clothes... also, i can't wear normal t-shirts because they make my neck stumpy (once again!) but ive decided i really like these mark and estel tees... even if mary kate wears a whole lot of them... she's one of my "weird, midgety, little-boned people" muses. ha! weird..!

i love the funky cut on the hem of this tee

very "i borrowed this from the boy"

nice flare at the bottom


Blogger Haute Girl said...

i think the first tee was the one that lilo had on that made her look like she was wearing diapers!

7:25 PM  
Anonymous katrine said...

I think we have the same body.
Boy-ish I mean - broad shoulders (aren't they annoying?!) and no hips.

Except for I'm tall-ish.

And I have a fairly long neck.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

they're so cute! i love the first and the second shirt, very form flattering.

9:24 PM  
Blogger dusk&summer said...

I love mark and estel tees 2 but the prices are a little steep lol but right now theres a bunch on sale on their site for $45..so i can afford like one...lol

11:37 PM  

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