late posting!

6 unusual things about me:
1. I have an extreme dislike for stickers. Especially fruit stickers and price stickers. I will avoid sitting in a seat on the subway if there are any gross stickers on, or near, the seat. (People are gross!) But, I used to have a sticker collection when I was little...
2. I go to the movies just so I can order nachos. With jalapeno peppers. If they don't have any peppers, I most likely will not order nachos and will settle for popcorn instead.
3. I will refuse to go into a store, even if I really wanted to check it out, if there is no one in there. I hate being the only customer! No attention is bad, but so is too much... I swear I can feel them... staring at the back of head...
4. I don't like making phone calls when there are people around me. Especially if these are phone calls to clients, or people that I am unfamiliar with.
5. If I like a guy, I will not talk to him. At all. In fact, I will do everything I can to avoid him. If we do happen to talk, I will give him the impression that I am not interested at all. Even worse, I will make him feel like I really really dislike him. (I don't do this on purpose!!)
6. If I don't like a picture of me, I will photoshop it. Photoshop is my best friend :)

Over the weekend, went to the Daryl K sale. I actually had a list of 3 places I wanted to go that were having major sales, but in between meeting up with my friend Viv, and watching her get her eyebrows done at bloomies, and then getting a snack.. I never made it to the other two! It's never really worth going to these sales towards the end of the day anyway, all the good stuff is snatched up! And I wasnt in the mood to buy anything... besides the things I had already wanted to get, still obsessed in my mind. Picked up the Opening Ceremony coat on sunday instead!

(short sleeve wool coat)

I havent had very many great experiences with opening ceremony. Its a cute store and all, but all of the stuff in there is soo. freeaking. expensive! The first time I went there, it was because they were having a sample sale. Lets just say.. I found a lot of weird latex dresses, and a lot of pastel floral prints... weird stuff, man. The stuff that they're currently selling are a lot more wearable.. if you can pull the look off:

61762 61763 61765
(green jumper; suspenders jumper; thermal ruffle leggings)

And i'm sorry for jumping around... I have to agree with everyone who posted a comment, the Rachel Roy dress is fantastic, i love it! But here is another idea...

(another possible v-day dress contender, L.A.M.B. corset dress)


Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

2. I love ordering nachos @ the movies. BUT ONLY if they have jalepenos as well. In fact, I refuse to eat nachos unless they give me multiple extra servings of hot peppers on the side...

4. I hate making phone calls with other people around as well. I'm supposed to call this lady but I've been putting it off for days cuz I don't want anyone at work hearing it. Ugh.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahah I love Photoshop! but I use Photo Explosion I got it for Free! because I spent a certain amount of money or something.

8:55 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

hi Wendy. you lucky girl... snatched up that awesome Opening Ceremony coat last season! is it an XS? want to sell it?!

3:10 PM  
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