just... add it to the pile.

yet another pair of shoes to add to my collection. this is Poetic Licence and for $17 on what normally would have cost $100+ (thank you ebay!) i love these shoes!

on a completely unrelated note... my all time favorite chocolate splurge are chocolates from Richart! They make the cutest little square chocolates filled with a variety of flavors.. from common flavors like hazelnuts and almonds to interesting flavors like salted butter and the downright romantic and exotic like rose petals and jasmine (my two favorites). they were always my favorite surprise for valentines day, long ago... *sigh*


for v-day is a special set with an edible printed chocolate card :)


Blogger Haute Girl said...

mmm, chocolates...i'll have to hint hint to my boyfriend!

on another note, only $17????

12:27 AM  
Blogger coco said...

who can own too many shoes though really?

4:41 AM  

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