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hello all! sorry for the lack of posts, but i wanted to start off by saying.. thanks so much to everyone who left me such great comments on my post about the Prada Sample Sale. i really wish some of you guys could have come with me, seriously, because it gets lonely going to all these sales by myself! unfortunately, most of my close friends here are not as interested in fashion as i am and probably think im a crazy fanatic for chasing sample sales and various items of clothing around nyc.

and speaking of various items around nyc... i am in lust with these Prada heels, and apparently, so are many women who attended fashion week here.

there were satin ones

the grey/black ombre ones

and the nude/black ombre ones
(images from the sartorialist)

i love the whole foot-less socks/tights and sandals combination, a great way to show off a pedicure in the fall... and before the snow hits.

i shall start a F/W 2007 wishlist:

1- Prada mary-jane sandals (would be nice to have a big block of money fall next to me right now)
2- Prada foot-less knee highs (susie looks great in hers!)
3- various winter dresses, think short, wool fabrics with sleeves.. i guess that would really be #3, 4, 5...and 6.


Blogger chrstna said...

hi wendy!

i found your blog through xanga. i've seen those shoes in W magazine. they're really purrty.
i'll go shopping with you in spirit.


1:45 PM  
Anonymous Black Crayon said...

I actually bought the grey to black slip on's for men while in Hong Kong. I love them!

I love these too. Ugh. I wish men could wear heels. hahaha.

2:09 PM  
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