merry christmas!

counting down to 2008... here is a list of my favorites for 2007.

*SHOPPING WEBSITE (US) - shopbop.com
*HANDBAG - it was my gryson bag.. but now its been replaced by my new chanel flap
*ACCESSORY - oath nyc double finger ring
*SHOES - prada ombre high heel sandals (honestly, the most comfortable pair of heels i've ever owned.)
*NEW BEAUTY PRODUCT - make up forever false lashes (the clear glue that comes with it is so super sticky. no more fears of falsies fluttering away in the wind!)
*SAMPLE SALE - prada (especially on the last couple of days!)
*SAMPLE SALE FIND - miu miu green brocade dress ($100!!)
*SPLURGE - the chanel flap bag
*THRIFT SHOP FIND - a suede chanel flap from 2001!
*LUST - burberry studded platforms, oh! and the chanel knee high gladiator sandals!
*TREND I FELL VICTIM TO - black latex leggings
*OUTFIT - a black wool corset top paired with any skirt! (love wearing this combo to parties)
*CELEBRITY - thandie newton (havent seen her in any movies lately, but she is soo beautiful and looks great at every single premiere/function she attends)
*CELEBRITY CLOSET - mary kate & ashley olsen (because... im sure they share a closet and this way, i get double the amount of clothes?)

hope everyone is having a wonderful christmas day!

beautiful dress from Stella McCartney.. and on sale from $1045 to $299.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On Intermix, I got the burgundy heavy knit sweater dress for 260, down from 800something. Even though I bought it for myself, it was def a Christmas gift!

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where did you get your oath nyc ring??

3:29 AM  
Blogger Allecra said...

imagine having the olsen's closet....

2:49 PM  

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