been very bad with posting new entries but lets see...

in an attempt to greet fall with my arms wiiiiide open, instead of the usual groaning about how short nyc falls are and how quickly winter is approaching, i decided to change my hair color. in my stylist's words "you need some autumn colors!"

4 hours later, i've not got red hair. its not so bad, i suppose, im still trying to get used to it, and trying to not be too paranoid about how green my skin may look. see, i love change. but at the same time, im extraordinarily afraid of it. my stylist was so surprised when i told her this because i've never been the client who comes back for routine touchups -- i come in for full-blown change. and she's seen me go from streaky orange mess to dark chocolate brown to medium brown with highlights to dark caramel blonde. i cant help it. im still young and i'd like to take advantage of doing all this crazy stuff to my hair before i get too old and crazy hair makes me look weird.

but back to colors and fall and whatnot. this new color makes me want to explore my romantic side. im excited to see that its already starting to influence the way i dress.


am obsessed with all things "modern-vintage"
fav. necklace - "this old thing?" hanger necklace
am wearing - vintage gold slip, white lace minidress, and silver sequin belt

the hair

the new "old" clothes

favorite necklace by This Old Thing?
if anyone is around brooklyn, check out Alter, thats where i got the necklace... great shop that is perfectly in tune with my "modern vintage" mood. they carry vintage reconstructed clothing along with a great selection of vintage shoes and boots.


Anonymous ambika said...

Love the hair and loooove the necklace. Lucky you.

11:52 AM  
Blogger -S said...

An upside down hanger necklace. genius. love it!

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:32 AM  

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