2-week recap

oy! these weeks have been flying by, been super duper busy and stressed out at work and so... my wallet is paying dearly for it. not doing such a good job of saving up, especially since black friday is coming up and although i usually avoid going anywhere on said insane shopping holiday... i might be spending this one at Woodbury with a friend. ack!! the thought of having to dip into my savings for such a trip...its stressing me out even more!!

in recent shopping news... i went a little crazy during my last trip to club monaco. i dont shop there often, and im not even sure why... i was there a week ago and they had some really fantastic stuff. i wish i could find images of the things i bought when i was there, but their website is seriously lacking. for work clothes, i much prefer club monaco over banana republic.. i suppose the price point is slightly higher, but the clothing is just more interesting looking. hopefully, just by describing it.. you can get a sense for the look.

i bought :
- black and white HUGE plaid high waist pencil skirt
- black and white houndstooth cocoon shaped mini (very similar to some of the vanessa bruno mini skirts)
- black wool corset top, which looks just like the prada one that i had gotten but is way easier to layer over tanks and tees. i also really like to wear my skirts over it

..and some various other tops, including a really well fit white button down (where was this in my wardrobe? how could i seriously have gone on this long without have a basic white button down??)

and my crazy balenciaga look-alike platform ankle boots finally arrived in the mail. they're supposed to be like the ones that mk olsen has been spotted teetering around in. they look really badass with black tights and skirts but are just as difficult to balance in as they look. i fell going UP the stairs today... in my CONVERSE sneakers! can you imagine me in these? i know.. im scared to actually put them to the test...

went to a couple of sample sales this past weekend... first time at billion dollar babes and sorry. the price points are still slightly higher than i like. there was a ton of stuff though, all really nicely organized, compared to some of the other big sales ive been to. everything was laid out by designer. also went to a showroom sale that contained many designer pieces like thread social, ulla johnson, nili lotan, and cindy lee. lots of cute stuff... but even at 75% off, still too much money.

ended up at intermix where i really let retail therapy take over with 2 new dresses -- the fuschia catherine malandrino dress that was on sale, and y by yigal azrouel strapless dress.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are those the ones from Victoria Secret? I saw those, they also have a pair similar to the Miu Miu strappy platforms spotted on L.Lohan and various others last year

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg where did you find those BOOTS?! ive been trying to find some of those balenciaga look-a-likes everywhere..how much?

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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