a little kid drew on my butt

i got my skull & bunny jeans today! and they are totally saaaa-weeeet!! i still remember my first pair of coh jeans, back when they first came out after 7s were popular. compared to 7s, coh's were totally for the matronly (in my then opinion). haha, those were the days when britney and her hip-bones ruled every fashion article, and coh's had a slightly higher rise than 7s. nonetheless, they were the "next-big-thing" and denim fanatics scrambled for them.

i must've also been purchasing the wrong sizes too, because all i remembered were that the jeans made my waist look too high, too matronly, and my legs too chunky. plus, since i'm a frickin midget compared to giselle the gazelle, i had to get my jeans hemmed at least 2 feet, therefore ruining the cut and affecting the final proportions. boo!

anyways, all is well now... plenty of denim out there cut super skinny around the knee area (thank you r&r!) and with a little bit of control in the food-consumption area, i can squeeze into these coh's and actually smile at my reflection! whew! hope the buttons are on there tight! har har har.

anyways, check out this necklace, isn't it just the cooolest thing ever? must... make trip to cobblestone hellville, narrowly escape taxi-cab death, and place order at girlshop!


Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

omggg i was thinking of getting that necklace today toooo.. how are those jeans? they've been on my wishlist for forever... tee hee hee SUPPPPER CUUUUTE mannn

hahaha and ur right we do like the same things. we need to share the same closet. if only you weren't half my size.. hahahaha you svelte sexy thang you

7:42 PM  

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