money on food? psssh! only a fool!

thank god it is finally friday. gotta think of some fun stuff to do.. perhaps go to happy hour at Prey? gotta love the happy hour deals on the otherwise outrageously expensive drinks in nyc! yes, i spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes, and jewelry. but spend money on food or drinks? i'm the world's biggest cheapskate when it comes to that! i'd rather starve and know that i saved 30 bucks than splurge on food. case in point, yesterday we went to Fish on Bleecker, and it was the most heartbreaking 30 dollars ive ever spent on dinner... considering that the only things i had that night were a bowl of steamed clams and 2 beers. grrr! not filling at all! but my other options would have been a real dinner at this place and probably would have ended up costing me 40 dollars.

anyways, today's outfit was inspired by spring 2006 Fendi. i'm the evil version of the "strapless-fitted-dress-with-belt" look. i absolutely adore their humongous buckle belts, and seeing as they are too expensive to justify purchasing and there are a whole buttload of knockoffs in every store, i thought it'd only be fair to at least settle for one that was actually made of patent leather instead of some weird manmade pvc crap.

i wish i were wearing these earrings with today's outfit.


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