i want the weekend to be here already!

i feel like splurging this weekend... on eats!
its been pretty nice these couple of days, temperature wise, but its been all gloomy and cloudy today. i guess i'll take this over 40 degree weather... its supposd to be 64 tomorrow and friday! this weather is driving me insane. i never know what to wear anymore and oftentimes i wear too much. sweating on a crowded subway is so not fun.
its supposed to be nice on sunday, a little colder -- 48. but who knows? weather.com is often wrong. i really want to go to The Park (restaurant/lounge in chelsea) for brunch! mm.. bellinis and mimosas on a sunday afternoon, what could be better? hopefully i'll be able to get a table in the "garden." i find it to be the most beautiful space there. in the winter, it is glass enclosed, but the whole feel of being there... feels just like being in a park, minus the bums, pigeons, and dog poo.

i should really hang out over at chelsea and the meatpacking district more often. there are such gorgeous restaurants and lounges there. its overly trendy and expensive, but for the atmosphere... i think once in a while, it couldnt hurt! and besides, a good architect must do her research!! (the boss ought to pay for these field trips...) now if only i can scrape up some cash for the taxi rides... i hate walking on the cobblestones there and the subways feel miles away.


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