we interrupt this channel for a special announcement....

PREEN FOR TOPSHOP IS HERE!!! i mean... here!!

i didnt get a chance to blog about the whisperings before the debut, but i just love preen. i love how modern the designs look and how that modernity can be achieved by being minimal yet very detailed as well, the details usually achieved with tucks, cording, and very precise drapes. the clothing really takes on a special sculptural quality and perhaps the clothes end up looking detailed but still modern and minimal because they're usually very monochromatic.

unfortunately, i missed the first preen/topshop collaboration earlier this year, and only discovered them after venturing into Seven New York on Mercer. i bought my first item by Preen that day -- black knee length shorts with bubble-like pleats at the hips -- really, the only thing i could afford from their line. their droolworthy dresses were around $1000. and i was surprised that their topshop collaboration that season was very much in tune with their main line... also greatly disappointed that i had missed out.

and so when i heard they were doing another collaboration for fall... i stalked that site like a hawk! and here are some comparisons:


Preen f/w 2007

as you can see, many of the same concepts are expressed in the topshop line as well -- the drapey hoods on the dresses, the detailing on the sleeves, the cocoon like jackets, and the one-shouldered top.
this is what designer/store collaborations ought to be like. (relatively) more affordable yet still containing the same conceptual ideas.


Blogger -S said...

i love it! i owuld have never guessed a hook-up between preen and topshop, but it certainly works!

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