pretty little Diors

after a rather physically exhausting week during which i felt a fever looming ominously overhead, this weekend i sought therapy -- retail therapy! i got 2 dior bathing suits for free. ok, not really, but pretty close to free anyways after the original half-off discount and then an additional 60% off. tried on some crazy dior snow pants, but i really dont ski or snowboard enough to justify getting it. besides, i hate snow. and i doubt my ass would look much sexier falling and rolling down the hill even if i was in dior.
i got to debut my new bikini at the beach on sunday -- pink girly logo to match the flawlessly cheery weather! the other one i got -- a black sparkly 2 piece with some dark metal hardware -- i'll have to save for another day.

i just finally realized how much i was investing in clothing and shoes when i should really be building my jewelry collection. might be slightly more than taxing on my account though, i blame my horrible skin which explodes into rashes whenever i wear anything that is less than real silver and gold. :( whyyy does my skin have to be sooo picky??? anyways, to get a good start on this collection, i scurried over to henri bendels and bought myself a pretty silver key and heart necklace. and even after enduring the extreme temperatures, i've been itch-free for 2 days now!!! woohoo!


Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

I've always wanted to get that bikini but then I realized it was too pretty that I'd be scared to wear it in fear I'd ruin it. hee hee hee, where'd you get it for so cheap??

9:53 AM  

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