mosquitos are not my friends

today, i killed a mosquito who bit me 10 times. woohoo!! im so proud of myself and im glad i smushed that sucker to pieces. dont bother me no more!! my legs are itching like crazy but my skinny wool pants are scratching them for me hahaha.

yes, btw, i decided to buy the alice&olivia plaid pants! (tiff, they fit really nice! and the plaid is subtle and not as crazy as i thought it would be) i was making my usual rounds at barney's new york one day when i noticed the rack of alice&olivia clothes and since i was unsure of what my size would be, i decided to try on a buttload of their skinny pants. i found a pair, same cut as the plaid sierra ones, in a different print (which i cant seem to find online) that was more grey-tweed than solid grey, and they were really fantastic. the fabric looks really nice and classy and just putting them on caused visions of skinny balenciaga models dancing in my head. i didnt buy them though because i figured i'd find something better at a more affordable price. and i was buying jeans already that day too. 2 splurge/purchases in one day sometimes scare the hell out of me. haha

well, they dont have those pants anymore, which was a major disappointment when i checked the other day. so i had, just haaad to buy the plaid ones online while it was still in stock.

while waiting impatiently for the package containing my pants to arrive, i discovered yelp and yeap... im an addicted member now. its a great online community that enables people to write reviews of restaurants, stores, anything, which are shared with other people. for me, it was just fun writing up ridiculous things to say about the places i really liked. and it also helps me make a catalog of all the restaurants i love, and all the ones i should remember not to go back to. having other people's opinions and experiences are also helpful for choosing new places to go. looove it! and some people write really really funny and entertaining reviews. i love reading those!

alice&olivia sierra plaid skinny pant, available @ shopbop.com


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