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one reason why living in the city is wonderful is that you'll never be hopelessly bored. even though it is the end of summer, the best nyc season (shakespeare in the park, free movie nights at bryant park, plays and concerts in central park, only to name a few...), for another couple of nights in september, rooftop films is showing some interesting stuff.

this weekend i went to my first rooftop film. after getting lost in the projects in brooklyn (scary), we finally found ourselves across the street from the open doors of a rowhouse, littered with bicycles chained onto anything rooted in the cement. the films playing that night? dark 'toons: a collection of "evil animation."

it was amazing, being outside, on top of a roof, no less, in an area of nyc where you can actually see sky and miles and miles of 6-stories-or-less buildings. the air is buzzing with chattery hipsters, smoking in cliques, some sitting cross-legged on the roof, and others sharing couches and fold-up chairs. some people brought wine and beer, and i felt like i shouldve brought a blanket. it got chilly by the end of the night, but im sure a lot of people warmed up with some free dewar's at the after party! the crazily disturbing films were enough for us that night and we end up walking through the quieter part of the neighborhood to take the L-train (whose platforms serves as a catwalk for the trendy) home.


Blogger Jessica said...

that looks awesome! our city does outdoor films, but not rooftop!!!

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