bags galore!

i really do think its time for a new handbag. i am completely serious and i ought to remind myself, every time i feel compelled to spend money on another article of clothing, that if i were a "smart" shopper, i'd put the cc away, and only whip it out when i've found the perfect, beautiful bag.

i can completely justify this purchase. i've been using the same slouchy brown handbag, for 2 years now, and this bag cost me around $15. and i love it! it is big enough for me to carry my life around in -- magazines, spare pair of shoes or flipflops, makeup, 3 diff. wallets (yes, i carry 3 wallets around with me...), cell phone, chapstick, sketchbook, pens, bills, and chewing gum. and for a cheapo pleather handbag, its actually gotten me a lot of compliments.

however, after "lovingly using" it for 2 years, the 3-small pockets + 1 large pocket handbag has turned itself into a 3-small pockets + 2 large pockets handbag. in fact, the whole handbag itself has turned into 2- giant pockets. you know the lining inside the bag? well its got a hole in one of the smaller pockets, so everything i put into that pocket falls into the pit between the main compartment and the pleather exterior. its such a pain to have to reach arm-deep into my handbag to retrieve my wallet from the pit that now contains countless pieces of random paper, napkins, candy wrappers, and the occasional tampon.

so yes, its time for a new bag. and a very specific kind of bag too. i want something slouchy, something big, something i can carry around every single day, and definitely something that sits on my shoulder and NOT the crook of my arm (such a pain to tote around shopping). i loove love love the thomas wylde bag (image, top right). its got the perfect amount of zippered pockets, is slouchy, the other side is studded with a skull print, and its got cute little hardware details like silver chains and mini-skull embellishments.

and here are some more of my favorites:

gryson "olivia"

gryson "rachel"

12872 12872
anna corinna "city tote"


Blogger Kine=) said...

I love the gryson "olivia". It would be perfect for everything. Where do the sell them?

4:55 AM  

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