keanan duffty's party last night at Lotus was certainly interesting... I had started to wonder a bit how difficult it would be to get in, seeing as neither jen nor i had rsvp-ed to the invite, but there were no problems at all since we were with her friend, who used to work with keanan. the wood blocked walls were soo cool, and i had to resist all urges to poke at them all night AND there was an open bar!

this was probably the first party i've ever been to where i felt so... achingly normal. hahah! im not saying that all the people there were freaks or anything, no way! it was your usual crowd of blazer-clad men and dressed-up women, but last night, "chic" duds were out. you couldnt even get noticed unless you were wearing something you mightve worn last halloween. there was this one dude whom you could notice from across the room. his anything-but-short physique was elevated to a godly level by the top hat he was wearing. and he was also wearing a multicolored, multipaneled velvet blazer. apparently, he is known as "the guy who threw all the parties in the 80s." everyone else was unnoticeably blah, except for a mohawk-ed, underwear-wearing guy, and a pale as snow drag queen in a puffy white dress. oh! and our friend who is also mohawked, wearing a very 80s looking camo zip up jacket with a vintage japanese flag back, slim stonewashed and ripped jeans, camo kicks, and bright yellow t-shirt. take a hint from him, dress crazily and the girls will swoon! he was tres popular that night and photographed left and right! i think i may need to borrow that camo jacket one of these days...


Blogger Ryan said...

Ooo, Ooo! Take me next time.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

omgs! awesome! i wish i could've gone...

12:41 PM  

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