lame, rainy friday

work isnt terribly exciting today. the boss is out all day, and i've run out of work, and believe it or not... theres only so much online that can keep me entertained. i've already read way too many blogs and journals. why cant people update like, every 5 minutes or something so i'll never run out of stuff to read? maybe i should get a book. i havent read any books in so long, i cant even remember the last one i read. ashamed to say, it might have been the latest shopaholic book.

i need a good book to read. something that wont bore me out of my mind.

i work in park slope, and this neighborhood gets cuter and cuter every day. which may or may not be a good thing. on the one hand, its great because there are all these cutesy boutiques, one in particular called Goldie&Mac, which carries all the kinds of clothes you'd find at a high end shop, but at really great prices. unlike your typical cheapees clothing store, i feel like the buyers at Goldie&Mac are picky about what they sell and do the weeding out of the "obviously-looks-cheap" stuff for you. niiice.

theres also a new patisserie in town, called Sweet Melissa. (i think theres one in manhattan too) the cupcakes there are goood. and just look at this picture of the delicious cakes they have. how can you say no??!


Blogger le fashion said...

i like your blog, and i loove sweets:)

4:16 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

oh those little cakes...yummy!!!!

2:16 PM  

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