bubbye dressy

it makes me so sad, but i have to say goodbye to my dress... gotta make room in my closet and i sure can use the extra moolah too.
its beginning to feel more like fall every day... im shivering in front of the window. so sad! i miss summer already... the cloudless and clear blue skies always make me feel so happy. i'd wake up every morning, looking out my window while laying in bed, staring at the top of the building across from me. directly outside my window is a courtyard, so i never get any natural light in my room, so the only way i can tell whether its sunny or not is when i look at the top of the building across... if its bathed in beautiful orange sunlight, with the bright blue sky above, it instantly wakes me up! its like my shot of espresso. aaahhh i love it!
hopefully i'll be going to bloomies, maybe tomorrow after work to see if they have some boots i like. mmm boots! now that i have a decent pair of brown ones, i really really need some black ones! non-suede, so i dont have to worry about the rain. stupid ernesto... this weekend might be gloomy.
i really love this coat.. i think i need to invest in a super nice winter coat!


Blogger Jessica said...

oh my goodness...i love that dress!!! it is gorgeous!!! it can't possibly take up that much room in your closet...
like the coat as well. it is a nice solid piece to have!

6:19 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

lovely jacket. putting away our summer clothes is always depressing, that michael kors dress is gorgeous.

10:38 PM  
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