went to morimoto in the meatpacking district last night with my friends christina and jen... girl's night out, i guess you can say! christina, who used to be my roomate freshman year in college, has recently gotten a job in boston so she is moving :( and what better way to wish her luck than to go out and celebrate at one of the cooolest restaurants in the city?
well anyways, i have three words for this place:
1. sexy
2. delicious
3. pricey
i guess it goes without saying, that when you've got a beautiful space, designed by top architect Tadao Ando, filled with beautiful people and the famous Iron Chef Morimoto, you basically have the ability to charge however much you want for the food!
the restaurant was sooo nice looking, and after being advised to check out the bathrooms, the three of us took turns making trips downstairs to visit the heated toilet seats, and the cool gadget panel which turned the toilet into a bidet, complete with adjustable water pressure, direction, and the ability to make it oscillate or pulsate. the heated toilet seats were enough to make me never want to leave the homey little stall!
the dessert was delicious! we shared an elderberry creme brulee which had a small scoop of orange sorbet on it and this super thin crispy wafer thing (which kind of looked like wonton skin...) our main entrees were good, we all got some variation of fish, and i loved the shrimp tempura roll.
definitely going back! after my wallet recovers... hehehe


Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

omigoshhhh take meeeee that sounds soooo yummie!!!

12:06 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

ooooh! that looks nice!!!

8:51 PM  

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