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im suprised that the hairdresser i go to isnt scared of me yet...
ive been getting my hair done with my mom recently, going to the place that she goes to. the first time i went, i got so upset because the lady kept trimming and trimming my hair until it was at this not-quite-short, not-quite-long, 2-inches below shoulder length that i hate. and im not very good at concealing my emotions, especially when im upset. needless to say, it was a little embarrassing, as i sat in the chair after it was done, trying not to cry. seriously.
the second time i went to get my hair dyed and highlighted. the dye came out great, it was a dark shade of chocolatey brown, i loved it! and then... on went the highlights... it came out way too blonde and light, and too obvious. i hated it. once again, "upset-face" on.
so yesterday, i went again, for the third time, to get it dyed again since i already had more than an inch of re-growth. i decided i wanted to go darker than last time, to cover up some of the highlights. after time was up and the dye was washed out, i prepared myself for the worst...
the roots of my hair, close to the scalp looked really light. she apparently chose for me a color that was not as dark as i wanted it, to preserve the highlights, so that not all of it would be gone. i was like, oh my god, why is the part near the scalp so light? and she goes "dont look there! its always lighter at the scalp, color develops faster there!" and im thinking... well, arent you supposed to be skilled enough to time it so that that doesnt happen? greeeet...
then she started trimming, and i have to admit, i started getting a little antsy and nervous because this lady has this terrible habit of trimming, and retrimming, and trimming some more. after she was done with that, she started to dry my hair. she asked me in chinese, something about drying it in waves (my chinese isnt that great) and im like... uhh ok, sure!
she reached for the round brush which immediately caused flashing images of "hair-getting-stuck-in-brush." she started to wrap sections around the brush... as im preparing for pain... it got tangled a bunch of times. the ends of the hair started to take on a curl shape which caused flashing images of "im-going-to-look-like-shirley-frickin-temple-cupcake-girl." but she was already 1/3rd of the way through, so i said nothing. i saw puffs of smoke and steam rising from my head... and flashing images of burning hair. after what seemed like forever, as i was sweating under the layers of capes they made me wear, she was done abusing my head. and it didnt look too bad! i looked a little "done" but... likeable! and the scalpy-lightness was not noticeable once the rest of my hair was dried. whew! 3rd times the charm, i guess?

so... neatly done.


Blogger Jessica said...

it looks nice! you are very brave to keep going back though!

3:05 PM  

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